All catalogues are now openly accessible through the standard FDSN event webservices [1].

We release all catalogues under the same base url - this is a persistent URL. The catalogues are differentiated using the contributor method.

There are 10 different catalogues, these names can be each found at

5 of the catalogues span the same 26 month time period 2018-12-01 - 2021/01/31 and are analysed in Grigoli et al (under preparation). The contributors names for those catalogues are:  SED_auto_LQ,SED_auto_MQ, SED_auto_HQ, SED_auto_HQ_MEDD  and  ISOR_manual.

The SED curated catalogues are also provided in an extended version, which spans the entire project duration, up to the end of the deployment. The contributors names for those catalogues are:SED_auto_LQ_ALL, SED_auto_MQ_ALL, SED_auto_HQ_ALL, SED_auto_HQ_ALL_MEDD  and SED_auto_ALL.

The catalogues are: